2nd Team vs Melbourn 14-03-16

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2nd Team vs Melbourn 14-03-16

Well done everyone for the games at Melbourn on Monday.

I had an easy match but everyone else had to dig in and do the best they could.

Tom Parker had the hardest hitter – Graham had to keep his wits about him facing a player with a great eye for changing direction – and Malik found it difficult to get the measure of the Melbourn courts. Special mention for Keith Maloney who stepped into the team at short notice.

He actually won a game at string #5 – but afterward I had to tell him he was an in-eligible player – or ‘illegible’ as he termed it.

But then entering the scores at the league website, the computer has decided that the Melbourn #1 was also ‘illegible’ and has given the match to us 20:0!

Hmm… I don’t imagine that will stand – but shows what is sauce for the goose….




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