2nd Team vs Peterborough 01-02-16

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2nd Team vs Peterborough 01-02-16

Thanks to the team who played Peterborough last Monday.

Harry played extremely well to contain and beat an attacking opponent.

Tom also showed a lot of classy shots against a less-skilled player who was still quick and determined.

Graham nearly had his match under control but, like all of us, he was slowing in the heat of the Peterborough courts.

I should’ve closed out my 3:2 match as it would’ve gained us the bonus points (it was Newmarket all over again!).

So we were tied 10:10 in game points just like last week against Ely – the 5 point bonus taking Peterborough to a 10:15 scoreline.

Special mention this week for young Malik who played really well at #5 – getting a great win of his first game although finally losing 3:1.


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