Comberton Squash Win Hereward Cup

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Comberton Squash Win Hereward Cup


The team that played in the final against David Lloyd


Well played the thirds and seconds!  Winners of the Cambridgeshire Hereward Cup for 2016-17


The Hereward Cup is played by teams that are placed in Divisions 3, 4 and 5 in the Cambridgeshire Leagues, so Comberton’s team drew from players that had represented the Club for the second and third team during the season.  On the way to the final, the team knocked out the current holders and current Division 3 champions – Peterborough.

As the Third team can attest, David Lloyd are tough opponents, a newly formed team forced to join the leagues at the bottom and work their way up.  They won Division 4 easily this season.


A competition report from the Team Captain, Martyn Symmons follows:


Nail-biting final last night against David Lloyd in the Hereward Cup for div 3 and div 4 teams. Paul Naylor clinched it for us with a great performance but everyone played really well. Here are the complete scores.


Hereward Cup Final

David Lloyd vs Comberton

  1. Andrew Kidger lost to Paul Naylor 0:3 9/15 7/15 10/15 2. Mat Williams lost to Malik Bilen 1:3 4/15 16/14 10/15 8/15 3. Dan Foster beat Stuart Elmes 3:0 15/7 15/8 15/12 4. Peter Coleman beat Graham Broughton 3:0 15/13 15/9 15/6 5. Tom Moore lost to Charlotte Davies 1:3 9/15 11/15 15/9 10/15


Special mention for Charlotte and Malik – so solid at 100% Congratulations!

Vs Peterborough (1/4 final)

  1. Malik Bilen vs Nigel Harpor 3:0 win
  2. Stuart Elmes vs Bryan Williams 3:2 win
  3. Graham Broughton vs Dave Parker 3:2 win
  4. Charlotte Davies vs Joe Turton 3:0 win
  5. Steve Swanton vs Anthony Charters 2:3 (close)


Vs March (1/2 final)

  1. Malik Bilen vs Chris Parsons 3:1 win
  2. Stuart Elmes vs Danny Sherlock 1:3 loss
  3. Graham Broughton vs Charles Kisby 3:1 win
  4. Charlotte Davies vs Gary White 3:0 win
  5. Keith Maloney 3:0 walkover!
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