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Internal Leagues

Comberton operates five internal leagues each with four divisions. Each division has five players who must play each other once over a one month period.

The Leagues are: Premier, A, B, C and D

The divisions are

P1, P2, P3, P4,

A1, A2, …

D3, D4

Any player wishing to join the next league should write their name at the bottom of the league sheet at the club.  The current league details can be found in the members zone.

Point Awards

Points are awarded on the following Basis:

One point is awarded for each game won.

One point is awarded for playing each match.

Two extra point is awarded for winning the match.


Match won 3-2: points = 6-3

Match won 3-0: Points = 6-1

League Promotion

At the end of each period the player finishing top is promoted two divisions.

The player finishing second is promoted one division.

The player finishing third stays in the same division.

The player finishing fourth is demoted one division.

The player finishing last is demoted two divisions.

Different rules apply to P1, P2, P3 and P4.