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Team Squash 2017-18

Join the Ladder to set the Club Order

We’ve put up a Squash Ladder in the Club on the wall near the booking computer.  If you’d like to play in the teams next year, please make a card for yourself and add it into the ladder at any position – try to slide yourself in somewhere where you’ll get a good game.

Ladder Rules

  1. You can challenge up to 3 places above your current position
  2. Best of 5 games PAR to 15 2 clear, or any other as agreed – there’s no reason why a box match couldn’t double up as a ladder match too
  3. If the lower player beats the higher player, the lower player moves up the ladder to the higher player’s position and all players in between shuffle down one place
  4. Refuse three offers of a ladder match and the challenger can claim a win


Club Order

We have to submit a club order to the league before the beginning of the season, and again at half way through the season.  The order doesn’t have to determine which team you play for, but within each team the players must be in the club order.  So the ladder can be for anyone in any team – mixed or ladies.


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