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The Club runs 3 mens team and 2 ladies teams in the Cambridgeshire leagues. Our club captain is currently Alistair Maclean.
You can use the links on the right to see up-coming games and how the teams are doing in the season.

Team matches are played between various clubs in Cambridgeshire. During a team match two clubs come together (either home or away) bringing 5 players each (unless you’re in Ladies II when there are just 3 a side!). The players play a match (best of 5 games) against each other according to their strings (5th player plays the other team’s 5th). Each game won counts as a point in the final score. The winning team (the one that has won the most matches at the end of all 5 being played) gets 5 bonus points. The home team provides dinner and drinks after the games. Season runs between October and April with a month break around Christmas in between, and a break during half term. Home and away matches alternate between the two halves.

Club Teams

The club first team is captained by Alistair Mclean, the club captain, the second team is captained by Martyn Symmons and the third team is captained by Steve Swanton. Alistair is always on the lookout for promising players!

Team nights for home games are; first team Thursday night, second team Monday night, third team Tuesday night. Starting time is 7.30pm. We’re always keen for some supporters to cheer us on too!

Ladies Teams

The Ladies field 2 teams. The first is captained by Sarah Howlett and the second by Julie Miller. As Ladies captain Julie is always keen to hear and play with new women interested in getting more games in.

Team nights for home games are; first team Monday night, second team Tuesday night. Starting time is 7.30pm. We’re always keen for some supporters to cheer us on too!

Team Blog

Team Squash 2017-18 (8/6/2017) - Join the Ladder to set the Club Order We’ve put up a Squash Ladder in the Club on the wall near the booking computer.  If you’d like to play in the teams next year, please make a card for yourself and add it into the ladder at any position – try to […]
Comberton Second Team Reach Semis (1/22/2017) - Comberton second team defeated the defending title holders, Peterborough,  to progress to the semi finals of the Division 3 Cup Competition in a closely fought match played at Comberton on 11th Jan 2017. 1. Malik Bilen vs Jeff Fillmore 3:0 15/7 15/11 15/10 2. Stuart Elmes vs Aidey Payne 3:2 12/15 15/8 15/11 […]
Team Results 2016, Week 3 & 4 (11/20/2016) - Week 3 Results Week commencing 10th November Team Score Opponent Comberton I 17-11 Spalding Comberton II 17-9 Kimbolton Comberton III 10-16 Crown Lodge II Comberton Ladies I 7-17 Fenland I Comberton Ladies II 18-4 Cambridge Uni II   Week 4 Results   Week commencing 17th October Team Score Opponent Comberton […]
Team Results 2016, Week 5 & 6 (11/20/2016) - Week 5 Results Week commencing 31st October Team Score Opponent Comberton I 14-8 Portugal Place II Comberton II 7-18 Hunts County IV Comberton III 14-8 St Ivo II Comberton Ladies I 16-7 Cambridge I Comberton Ladies II 7-17 Fenland I Week 6 Results   Week commencing 7th November Team Score […]
2nd Team vs Melbourn 14-03-16 (3/14/2016) - Well done everyone for the games at Melbourn on Monday. I had an easy match but everyone else had to dig in and do the best they could. Tom Parker had the hardest hitter – Graham had to keep his wits about him facing a player with a great eye […]
2nd Team vs Newmarket 07-03-16 (3/7/2016) - We had a very close match in the end against Newmarket on Monday . Although Harry and Graham lost 3:0 at #4 and #2 they were not far off the pace . Malik won a great match at #5 . And Stuart turned in a great performance at #3 to […]
2nd Team vs Leys 08-02-16 (2/8/2016) - We had an excellent result against Leys again last week: Harry Harland-Mears won his first match for us fairly easily. But everyone else had real battles on their hands. Tom Parker played an excellent match just losing 13:15 in the fifth. Harry Henessy (in his last match for us) wore […]
2nd Team vs Peterborough 01-02-16 (2/1/2016) - Thanks to the team who played Peterborough last Monday. Harry played extremely well to contain and beat an attacking opponent. Tom also showed a lot of classy shots against a less-skilled player who was still quick and determined. Graham nearly had his match under control but, like all of us, […]
2nd Team vs Ely 18-02-16 (1/18/2016) - Ely were a hard-hitting, competitive team and we only just lost to them. In fact we were tied at 10 points each until the 5 bonus points were added in. Both Tom Parker and Tom Symmons were very close to winning their matches – Tom S. losing in the 5th […]