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Comberton Village College (CVC) obtained its Academy status in 2011.

As part of this it encouraged different sports in the 6th form to be part of the school curriculum.

Squash was one such sport, using the facilities of Comberton College Village Squash Club (Comberton Squash) to fulfil its activities.

The Squash Academy is funded by CVC with some contribution from Students required to pay the professional coaches used to provide the learning activities.

This year (2015) the Squash Academy has been expanded from just the 6th form to cover all age groups. The Elite/advanced players are supported by professional coach Robert Dadds a previous CVC student and currently Cambridgeshire County number 1 player. The younger and advancing players are supported by professional coach Andy D’Alessandro who is the Club professional at Comberton Squash.

A Player Starter Pack was made available to all prospective students/patents and can be seen below.

Download Player Pack

Various activities are provided during the week (school time) from both coaches and are detailed in the starter pack.

Sessions are as follows:-

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12:45 to 13:45 sixth form academy
15:00 to 16:00 Girls Beginners advanced boys improvers mixed beginners
16:00 to 17:00 elite


The Squash Academy is not part of Comberton Squash. However CVC and Comberton Squash work closely together to ensure that the squash facilities that are managed by Comberton Squash are available to both the CVC Squash Academy and Comberton Squash.

Comberton Squash recognises that the students of CVC are an important source of future squash players not just for Comberton Squash. A number of students are part of both the CVC Squash Academy and Comberton Squash.

When the Squash Academy was first created for 6th formers only free membership of Comberton Squash was offered as an enticement to grow the Academy. Now that the Academy has been opened up to the whole of CVC it is not financially viable to Comberton Squash to offer free membership. However the Comberton Squash membership still remains one of the cheapest available in the county.